1. The Katy Perry concert was awesome. It was a very small place, actually an old church, so we could see fairly well. The kids had to sit on a side section of the bar to see but still had fun.
  2. The Great Lakes Crossing mall in Auburn Hills, MI is among my favorite malls now.
  3. Coloring Easter eggs is only as fun as you make it. Don't worry about the dye staining your dinning room table or porcelain sink. It will all eventually wear away.
  4. Easter eggs smell good, and are fun to play with.
  5. When giving an option to eat a yummy cinnamon roll or yogurt, Simon will always choose chocolate. Warning: this next photo is nasty!
  6. DO NOT forget your camera when going to a cool concert with your kids. Just because you think they might not let you take a camera in they more than likely will let you have it. Just take it!
In other news I found a crazy site called It is totally confusing, and I really don't like it that well. Because I don't understand it. It is a forum where ladies, and guys, share their coupon finds and deals. The only thing I have gotten from this site is a cool way to organize my coupons. I had one of the small dollar store things that has the dividers, but I was getting too many coupons and couldn't keep track of what I had. So I tried this. I found an old 3-ring binder in one of the kids' closets and bought trading card protective sheets. This is what it looks like:
I just changed stores and I tried to organize my coupons by isles in the store. All I have to do is take this along with me and flip through to find my coupon(s). Alex was helping me sort them all out and asked if I was really going to take this with me everywhere. My answer....Yes. He's embarrassed already. I love it!

I also found that eBay is a pretty good place to get coupons. I purchased a lot of 100 coupons for like a buck or something. I couldn't get that many with a weekend paper for $1.75. I just love saving money!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Glad U had FUN at the concert and sooooooooooooooooooooooooo LOVING the Easter photos!!!! I have a friend at work that is like the COUPON queen....I'll have to see if she's heard of that site and her thoughts! :):):):):):):)

Staci said...

Now that binder is pretty damn awesome!! You should be proud of that. Maybe I'll have to make Alex a shirt that he has to wear going grocery shopping with you..something like..My mom uses coupons so I can get braces!! Let me know if those coupons you bought via Ebay were good or not? What store are you shopping at now?

Jenners said...

Cool about the concert!

Great tip on the eggs...I won't worry about messing everything up. And I love the vinegar smell!

Your kid is right -- always choose chocolate!

And that is a GREAT idea about the coupons! Love it.

Alex said...

Hahahaha funny Aunt Staci! But i don't need braces! And Simon was funny painting Easter eggs