Hey, what's that sound?

... ... ...

Nothing you say? You are right. It is very peaceful here right now. All I can hear is the dryer and the birds outside. The sun is shining and the kids and hubby are all gone! What a great way to end our spring break.

I finished 2 quilts in the past 2 days. Now I have been ordered to start on Alex's, but I'm not sure yet what I want to do. All I know is greens.

This quilt only took me 3 years to complete. I got this brilliant idea to make quilts for the camper one summer, and this is the only one to get finished. I wanted them all to be in the same blue (sky, water), green (grass), yellow (sun) families to remind us of all of our favorite things about camping. This quilt has almost made me want to never quilt again. I totally eyeballed everything. And all of the fabric is from my stash. I really am fairly happy with how it turned out, and don't think it will make it to the camper.

It is very obvious that I am not an advanced quilter, as none of the rows line up and I had to cut almost half of one row of blocks to make the quilt square, but hey, that's life...crooked and screwed up! I started hand quilting the 'Holes in the Wall' but after I got my nifty embroidery foot I decided to just finish them up that way. And really you can't tell by just looking at it, plus it was a lot faster. I won't bore you with a photo of the back but I had enough fabric left to make one big block like those on the front.

The 2nd quilt I can't show you at this time. It's a top secret mission, and I'd have to do some bodily harm. Sorry. :)


Staci said...

I think you need to put a big SPARTY in the middle of Simon's green quilt!!

Love the one you showed. Don't you have a template girl? I think I have some books you could use...I'll look into my stash!

Jenners said...

Ooooooooh! Lucky girl! I'd love the house to myself.

And I love the colors of the quilt! I admire you for finishing it. I would have never been able to keep going. I think you did a great job!

Apple said...

Very pretty! I love the pallet. I can sew but I don't have the patience to stick with anything that takes more than a couple of hours.

sunshine said...

Hi Heather, I hope you're set up to get comment notifications since this is an older post. I was just browsing your quilt posts, and have to say I really like the blocks not being lined up perfectly, the quilt looks much more fun and less stuffy this way! It goes well with the happy colours too :)