I think I have an old lady's body stuck in my 30 year-old-self

I just bought this

So I can do this

And I can't wait to get it.

Am I crazy?
P.S. The lovely hands quilting belong to Crazy Mom Quilts.


Carrie said...

We were destined to find each other! :) I am almost 32 and love to sew, want to learn to knit and quilt.
I want that, and I haven't even started quilting yet. Still just sewing the basics. I am nervous about quilting.
Do you quilt? How did you even get started?
So glad I found your blog!

Staci said...

No, you're not crazy! Now get off the damn computer and get back to the lovely quilt you're making me for my birthday!!!

Check out my blog-there's something there for you!!

Staci said...

oh yeah, I wanted to say thanks for putting that video on with divShare because I can watch it at school. It blocks youtube videos so I'm never able to watch those that you post!!