Sunday Shopping

You can have this button too! Just copy and paste over there. Come back every Sunday and link up to share your savings, with our without coupons...hey, it doesn't even have to be groceries, maybe you just got a good deal on some jeans, I don't care! I'm just a newbie to the coupon game, so don't be intimidated. We all want to see what savings there are out there! Plus I'm new the the whole Mr. Linky thing, hopefully I can get a few loyal followers! We'll just see how it goes.
So here it is. My day out. I never thought I'd be so happy about getting to go grocery shopping. But when you are saving this much money, it's a blast!!

I had my new coupon organizer with me today, and got a few weird looks. Plus the lady behind me I'm sure thought 'Oh, great' when she saw the cashier start going through my coupons, but I accomplished 1/2 of my goal this week. I saved $63.39 at Meijer all together this week! That passed my goal of $50! My total was still $27.88 over the desired goal of $100. But we are getting closer. {I hope you all don't mind me sharing this with you. I feel it helps me better manage my money if I'm setting goals for the world to see, and then sharing with you how I do.}

So here's what we got this week. And wait, who's that little boy in the background. Could it be Alex? Who thought I was a dork for doing the coupon thing? And what is that he is holding in his hands??
Why it's this sign: Holy Savings, Batman! That's a lot of money!! (The $170 is CVS and Meijer together. Some items shown where purchsed with WIC which I haven't added to any totals since those are items I don't pay for--there are up sides to not making alot of money) CVS more than paid for itself today. My receipts show savings of $4 and $76! They had Buy1Get1's all over the place, then with my coupons it was marvelous! I paid $42.15 and received $122.15 worth of stuff! I still have $4 in ECB left over to use next time too! If you don't have a CVS Extra Care card yet, you really should get one.

My favorite deals of the day at CVS are as follows:
Did you notice the 6 cans of Glade air freshner? Here's a closer shot of them
CVS paid me $2.28 today to take these home. They are on sale for $.99 with your card, and I had a coupon for B1G1. The coupon stated that the max credit I could get for the free one(s) was $1.75, so that's what she entered as the coupon amount. Yeah for getting paid to shop. Alex claimed we will never need to buy air freshner again!

2nd great deal was Natural Dentist mouthwash. It was on sale at my CVS for $6.99 per bottle, but when you purchase it you receive $4 EB towards your next purchase, plus I had a $2 off coupon, and a rebate by mail form to receive $10 when I purchase 2. So lets do the math...I bought 2 and paid $13.98-$4 (2 bottles means 2 coupons)-$4 EB-$10 I will receive w/rebate=$-4.02 is what I will get paid for using these 2 bottles of mouthwash.

Oh, last but most certainly not least today is a special birthday today. Taylor is now 15! I can't believe it. 1 more year and she can drive. I remember vividly when I turned 15 and the excitement of only 1 more year before the license came. I remember feeling so mature and grown up, but now I look at Taylor and think she is still a kid. It's funny how your perspective on things can change.
Happy Birthday, Taylor!


Staci said...

You are totally inspiring me girl!! I love how much $$ you're saving. Excellent job.

Happy Birthday Taylor!!
I love you!!

I'm sending out a box to you guys on Tuesday. Heather, I think I gave all of my old Quilting magazine to my neighbor lady but if I find anything I'll include them in the box!!

Carrie said...

Nice savings!
If I let you live with me for the winters, will you organize it all and shop for me?