1st Big Garage Sale Hurrah

Our citywide garage sales were this weekend. My sister (Emily) came up yesterday and her, I and my cousin-in-law (Teny) went around town and then to a town over to check out their community wide garage sales. We found out that the other town's sales didn't actually happen until today (Saturday) so I went back there with the boys today....boy was that a mistake. :)

This year the sales I have been too just seem like everyone is trying to get rid of their junk. We did find a few great deals and discovered that Teny is more of a jew-er than we thought. I don't think she bought anything for the sticker price. We were amazed at her mad skillz.

Anyway here are a few of my favorite deals from the weekend.

First of all BOOKS. I got these books for .25 each...the 1 hardcover book was .50!

A cool wood truck and wagon for .50 and there is a Mac computer game for him in this picture too, (remember the Apple computer we got last year for only $5? Simon loves playing it) and some free legos in the red thing. They must go to some kind of a set because they have some little 'guys' that he has been playing with since we got home.
Another 'playground'. This contraption was only .50 and along with the 'guys' has kept Simon entertained all afternoon. Plus there is a Buzz Lightyear movie there on the table too, that was only .25. I bought more VHS tapes this weekend than I needed to but Simon loves to play at the table and have a movie going. I got most of them for .25-1.00. I think 1.00 is too much for a VHS tape but when I averaged them all out they were probably about .50 a piece which isn't too bad.
This picnic table was a great find and I did a little jewing with a youngster to get it down to $3. It was nasty dirty and the neighborhood was a little very shady so I felt I was due a deal. Simon was estatic when I brought it home and wanted hotdogs, and cheese, and ketchup right away at his new table.
Emily was/is looking for a babydoll carseat/carrier thing for the billizion dolls that my niece has. I found this cute little thing, which I'm sure isn't exactly what she was looking for but I snagged the carrier and Cabbage Patch baby for .50. Aren't I a wonderful Auntie??!!
And I guess that's about it. Alex found a PSP Wresteling game for $1 so he got that and an Airzooka, which he has been wanting forever! He got it out to play with in the car only to find that the handle is missing, which makes it nearly impossible to work right. I embarressed him completely by going back to the garage sale to see if they might have the handle. They didn't. So I got 1/2 of my money back. I felt bad for embarrassing Alex and the boys who were doing the sale. It looked like they just cleaned out all the toys and junk that they don't play with anymore and were trying to make a little cash. But I'm not payin' if it ain't workin'.
All in all it was a fun weekend. I just hope I can get some more great deals this summer. I really thought that with the economy that everyone would be wanting to get rid of stuff, I guess not though. It's all been just junk. :(


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwwwwwwww...U found some great deals! :):):):):):):):)

Staci said...

Wow, sounds like a fantastic time was had by all and that you guys really got some great deals. Those books look great!!! What a steal!!!

Latree@Dandelion said...

I'm jealous for the books and the table!

amandajean said...

great deals!