My Son: The public speaker

Last night at our school's monthly school board meeting Alex and a classmate read essays they had written regarding a new sidewalk that their class felt should be constructed. Alex did a great job speaking in front of the group of adults.
They both gave excellent speeches regarding why they felt the sidewalk needed to be constructed, and I agree with them. The area that students are walking to school on is also a highly trafficked area where parents are driving through to drop of their kids. A sidewalk there would make it a lot safer for students. They had a rough draft of a diagram of the new sidewalk and here are a few of the school board members taking a look at it. Alex, his teacher and the other classmate are meeting this morning to make a more detailed diagram to give the school board. I'm such a proud mamma today. We had a great day yesterday. We spent 2 1/2 hours at our community pool. We had a picnic there too. Came home and Simon took a nap and I read. I could really get used to a summer like this. Too bad it couldn't be sunny today too.

And on a happy ending note, here are my little Potato Heads. (Look closely, they are holding Potato Head pieces.) (And of course, Simon is just in his underwares.)


Staci said...

I think that is really cool that Alex did that!! What a way to contribute to his community and school!!

yes, they're both very goofy and Simon is wearing underwear!! Yeah!!!

latree said...

great job alex!