Credit Card Fraud-PSA

I used to think it would never happen to us. How could someone try and steal from us? We are good parents, well liked in our little community. No one would steal from us. Boy was I wrong.

Last month my husband's debit card number was stolen. Luckily for us we have the capability to check our bank accounts on line everyday as many times as we want. And boy do we check 'em. Some how someone had gotten his card number and had deducted approx $250. This was done in 4 transactions back to back. We found out it was a phone company from Ontario, CA! CANADA, people! Our bank was wonderful. He signed a form stating that these were not our charges they were reversed, he got a new card and everything was ok.

Until tonight. Sunday night I noticed a transaction in my PayPal account that I didn't authorize. So I followed the steps that have to dispute a transaction, faxed the form to them, and got an e-mail today stating that they canceled my card. I thought everything was okay, until I logged back into my PayPal account. There was another deduction. Tonight I called the number that was showing on my account and found out the charges were from Boost Mobile. Another phone company!! I was hot. Bless the poor man who got my call. He was very helpful and one I settled down found out from him that someone had used all my card information {number, exp date, and 3-digit code from the back} to charge minutes to their phone. PayPal didn't allow any of the charges thankfully but still I could have been out $50.

So my Public Service Announcement for today is to check all of your bills, statement, and accounts. Jerkoffs can get you anywhere. Even in small little towns. Our bank's branch manager said that these crooks just randomly try credit card numbers and if they get lucky and get a match they start sucking out money. It's terrible. Horrible. I know the times are tough but come on, Jerkoffs, GET A REAL JOB like the rest of us.

$300 that's what we've been almost scammed out of.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

AMEN to this!!!! After our break in....I have learned that TRYING to protect your credit is a flippin' nightmare!!!!!!!!! I CAN NOT protect the KIDS....because the credit report people think that because they are MINORS that NO ONE can do anything with their info....YEAH OK!!!!! I have WORKED in the credit card industry for OVER a decade....and U have noooooooooo idea how many times I have heard co-workers TALK about the phone calls they get from customers yelling at them for sending their FIVE YEAR OLD child a credit card application.....grrrrrrrrr!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh and awhile ago (before the break in).....all of a sudden I GET a NEW debit card in the mail....I'm like..."What???" I didn't order this and mine wasn't expiring for another YEAR...soooooooo I call my bank...and then said that someone went into the bank and said MY NAME and asked for a new one....and I'm like...ummmmmmmmm NO I didn't .... so they tell me I have to go into the bank (for real this time...LOL) and cancel that card and get mine I do....and I'm at the bank telling 1, 2, 3, 4, and NOW 5 idiots this story....and they are ALL looking at me with deer in the headlights look....and they all kept saying, "I don't know HOW this happened"....and I finally looked at them and said..."I can tell U how this happened....I have been explaining this story to U for FIVE MINUTES and NOT one of U has asked me for ANY ID!!" LOL LOL LOL......of course then they wanted ID....geez...I loveeeeeeeeeee when U have to tell peeps how to do their job!!!! LOL!!! Ok....sorry for the novel!!!!! Love ya! :):):):):):):):):):):)

sunshine said...

Glad you didn't lose any money!

And yes, there are a lot of downfalls that come along with the convenience of credit cards and online shopping...


Des said...

Thank you for the tip of the day!!! It's so scary...but i do need to check my accounts more often.