Writer's Workshop: I didn't mean to

When I first saw this prompt asking 'How did you break it' the first thing I automatically thought of was my mom's duck.

When I was younger my grandma, mom, aunts, babysitter, everyone I knew painted ceramics. Mostly it was holiday items. Pumpkins and ghosts for Halloween. The tree with the colorful pegs for Christmas. You name it they painted it. I loved being able to do something with my mom and was forced to do projects like this for 4-H. So I got sucked in. I had painted a cute pink butterfly with purple wings. One of my favorites. I think it might have been a napkin holder because I remember it having a ring type thing on the back.

Anyway, mom had painted a beautiful mallard duck. Like the one you see here on the left. It was her pride and joy....I guess. Because one day I made the mistake of accidentally knocking it off of the shelf she had it displayed on. I felt horrible. The wing broke right off. I was scared to death. Mom was beyond mad. How could I break her duck. Why couldn't I be more careful. How would I feel if she broke my prized butterfly.

"NOOOOOO, not my butterfly! I didn't mean to break your duck!!!!!"

Oh, the horror. It was a terrible day over 20 years ago, and I still remember am traumatized by it. Anytime I see a carefully painted ceramic duck, I think of that terrible day

Thanks, Mom.


* * Update: Since you all want to know....No she did not break my butterfly. She really wanted to but didn't. I don't even know if she still has the duck. * *

The Prompts:

1.) My animals are making me nuts.
(inspired by Jody from Take Me As I Am).

2.) List the 5 best things about the first day of school.
(inspired by Lane from Sneaky Daddy).

3.) Tell us about your crush.
(inspired by Lisa from Just Lisa, No Filler)

4.) How did you break it?
(inspired by Brandy from Not Your Average Soccer Mom)

5.) Show us a favorite summer craft.
(inspired by Kristin from The Way It Is)


Lisa Anne said...

Oh man. LOl I was gong to write on this topic too. Seems everyone is writing about eithing breaking something or breaking a body part.

Melissa said...

So, did she break your butterfly?? :)

Neuffj said...

I find it funny that you are still traumatized by it! And yes, I have to know... did she break the butterfly?
The Neuff's Puppy 'Dish'

Yara said...

Oh no! I'm sure it wasn't your fault. : (

Kimmy said... poor thing! I remember breaking a flower ceramic thing at our neighbor's house when I used to clean their house when I was 15 yrs old. I was so scared to tell the lady. Horrible feeling. LOL

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

K....this is soooooooooooo gonna show my age....LOL....but this reminds of the time that the Brady kids broke Carol's vase and how they all tried to hide it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Life with Kaishon said...

I think for Christmas this year you should give her a gift certificate to one of those paint your own pottery places and then go there with her and pick out a duck for her to paint : ) Wouldn't that be FAB?

latree said...

i can feel what you felt :)