Once upon a time there was a sweet little boy. He was born 8 days before he was supposed to be. His mother had the days to March 20 counted down on her calendar, she really didn't like being pregnant. Especially with this little character. He just kicked and tossed and turned in her belly all night. There were several times when he seemed to be trying out his Ninja Turtle moves and tried to kick through her stomach--she could see his foot print he was kicking so hard.

Well, this little boy's mommy and daddy decided to do some shopping on a brisk, early spring afternoon. This required a lot of walking for the mommy. During all the walking she had a funny feeling something special was going to happen. It was almost as if she knew it was going to be time soon. When the mommy and daddy got home the daddy was tired so he went off to bed, but didn't get to sleep very long. The mommy had to wake him up because she was right, it was time for the baby to be born!

All that night the mommy and daddy anxiously awaited for their little boy to be born. The mommy was in a lot of pain so had to have some special medicine to make here feel better, but a nasty, mean ol' lady gave it to her and didn't do something right. The mommy felt better for a little bit but not for long enough. When it was time for the baby boy to be born the mommy felt like she was going to explode. But finally Simon Cooper was born.

Oh how happy the mommy and daddy were. And Grandma Carla timed it just right and her and Grandpa showed up just a few minutes later and got to share in the excitement of Simon Cooper's birth. Simon's brother and sisters got to stay home from school that day and were all so excited (when they got to come see him of course).

But by this time the mommy wasn't feeling so good. You see the nasty, mean ol' lady had punctured a needle into her spinal cord and she was leaking spinal fluid....which gave her the worst headache she could ever imagine having in her life. She was so sick she couldn't feed her baby boy the way mommies should feed their babies. She didn't even want to hold him or have him in her room, because she couldn't take care of him. The mommy was very sad. She felt like she was the worst mommy on the planet.

But finally a nice doctor was able to come see the mommy and fixed her spinal cord. She felt like she was taking a dip in a nice warm bath tub. The pain miraculously went away. It was the best feeling in the world. The mommy was so happy. She finally got to see and hold her baby boy like a mommy should. The baby boy and mommy never did get the feeding thing to work out though, but they sure did try.

After Simon Cooper came home his aunt Staci and cousin Marker came and stayed a few days. Aunt Staci took some very cute pictures of the sweet baby boy. The mommy was so happy to have them around. Except, all the mommy wanted to do was sleep because all the little boy wanted to do was eat every. three. hours! That's a lot of snacks in the middle of the night. The mommy started to get real cranky and the daddy wasn't really sure why. He thought the mommy was sleeping all day with the baby, so how could she be tired and cranky? What a crazy daddy.

Well, some time has passed since that day. Now this little boy, Simon Cooper, is 4 years old. His mommy and daddy love him so much. He is so funny. You can't be around Simon Cooper without laughing and having a good time. If you haven't met Simon Cooper yet, hopefully some day you will. He is definitely worth having as a little buddy.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

what a sweet story!!! loveeeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Jenners said...

What a cute little story (aside from the whole spinal leaking thing!!! YIKES!) for him to read one day. Who doesn't like knowing their own birth story? Love the photos ... I see you have some Anakin Skywalker wannabes in your house too!

Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...

Great birth story! The punctured spinal cord...OUCH!

Gina said...

sweet story --- crazy leaking spinal cord story! eek!

angie said...

Happy Birthday to him.

Your post brings back memories of bringing my preemies home too. :)

Apple said...

Happy Birthday Simon! This story is a wonderful gift your Mommy has given you :-)