It's amazing how a little rearranging can change your whole mood.
We are on week 2 of yucky, rainy weather here. I need a little boost. So what better to do that change it up?

I went to my first auction of the 'season' this past Saturday and was able to get a cute plant stand for $2. Who says plant stands have to hold just plants? When I bought it I had intended to place all plants but the little shelves didn't want to move to positions I wanted. I was afraid it would be uneven with it's weight so I added a few of my favorite smaller items. You can't make out the photos that well but the top black and white is my favorite old, old family photo. It has my great-great grandparents, along with other family members. The bottom, color photo is my mom and her family when they all were younger. I just love 'em both.

When my husband built our house 12 years ago the building plans were for this area to be a closet. He chose to leave the doors off so we have a cozy little area by the front door. I just added the wooden stand, which is my mothers sewing machine table.The white chair belonged to my grandmother. I repainted it last summer and redid the cushion.

Its an oak chair but she had painted it blue and the paint was getting very faded. I love the fact that both of our hands played a part in making over this chair. The coat hooks are metal shoe hooks I came across at a flea market. I attached them to a piece of wood my mom and I found while "picking" in my grandpa's barn. Hopefully visitors will feel welcomed when they come in the front door.

This area gets the most use in our home, our dinning room.
I moved the plants around and added a couple more family photos to my hutch. The hutch has a china cabinet that goes on the top of it. When we repainted, we decided not to bring that back in. I really like having an area to display my plants, and they love all the light they get from the patio door. The
hutch belonged to my husband's grandmother. And the plant in the blue pot belonged to my great-great grandmother (the one in the picture earlier). She gave a start to my great grandmother, and each generation it has just been passed along. I love it! And it's so easy to take care of.

Stuck in among the plants are a couple more photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents on my father's side. I just love having a piece of history mixed in with our everyday life. Simon enjoys telling everyone that the picture on the right is his "great-great grandma and great-great grandpa and that they are in heaven now because they died".

I have gotten hooked on the whole vinyl lettering thing. These 2 phrases came from Simply Said. My mom has the stuff all over her a nice decorative way...and I love it. I can't wait to get a little more money saved up to add something else to the house.

I hope that everyone had a great Easter weekend. We had my in-laws over for a late dinner/early supper, and an Easter egg hunt. I am so glad that the rain held off so Simon could have fun with the hunt. Sounds like rain the most of this week (again). Can't wait for the May flowers that are surely in our future....right??!!


Staci said...

I love how you have made this house a home!! I bought one of those rub on things and have yet to do anything with it. You're so crafty and I think it's wonderful how you incorporated family heirlooms within the rooms!! Love that family photo!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loving the photos...and loveeeeeeee that family photo! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)