I had the joy of spending last weekend with my mom. Alex had finished up band camp and my mom came along for the 4 hour drive to pick him up. To keep herself busy she worked on her wool rug hooking. She has done some really cute things.

We enjoyed his concert and stopped at a few fun places along the road on the way home. One of which was a metal art dealer, The Columbus Tree on US-127. This guy has all kinds of cool stuff out in his front yard. Some real heavy duty things painted and protected with a clear coat. I splurged and bought a hen and a daisy. To go along with my daisy I used rings from an old barrel my mom had and did up a little circular display in our front yard.

Another quick stop at Uncle John's Cider Mill and we were on our way back home. Spent a relaxing Sunday morning at home with the boys then all went to church. After a "traditional" lunch out to eat my mom and I went to the Antique Mall. (And I say "traditional" because way back when I was growing up Sunday Dinner was typically the only time we would go out to eat. Kids now-a-days feel the need to stop for fast food every time they pass a McDonald's or such.)

Anytime my mom and I go shopping we usually are at a thrift shop, antique shop, or someplace along the road. The conversation always turns into, "Oh you could_____with this and then put it_____and it'd be really cute!" [ok after re-reading this sounds a little dirty, but definitely not intended that way :)] Well when my mom and her sister were in Alabama this spring they came across a lady who makes glass totems. I tell ya what, I'm gonna have to try it! Yeah it's just a bunch of old junk glass glued together but something about it is so neat. So I've been checking out the paper for garage sales, and auctions this week and am ready to stock up on glass.

Well anyways when we were at the Antique Mall we got some more ideas for glass totems and saw some flower things made out of stacked plates and then attached to a pole. There was even an angel bird feeder make out of old plates. I knew I should have taken a picture because words can't describe it. It was really a cute idea. So now I'm on the lookout not only for old sheets for quilts, but glass! :) We even dubbed a new phrase "Junk for Joey" because my husband just LOVES it when I bring home junk to re-purpose.

Yesterday had to be the best day of summer yet. Sunny all day and not to hot. The boys and I trimmed up the bushes and trees in the front yard and rewarded ourselves with ice cream from town.

Back in the spring I bought and old picnic basket, complete with, dirty I'm sure, dishes from the last picnic 20 some years ago and a pack of cards. The previous owners had used a permanent marker to write their name on it so I got out my craft paint and added our name to it. I love the way it looks now and can't stop admiring it.

So that's what I've been up to. Looking forward to more 70 degree days and lots of sun.


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Sounds like a great time and loving the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Staci said...

I will be looking for glass for you now!! I saw a lot of those totems down in Shipshewana....the time you spend with your mom sounds wonderful!!! I love how you repurpose stuff!!