Pinterest Challenge Week 1

Braided Scarf
This was the picture that I came across on Pinterest that first caught my eye. Very cute!

So I followed the links to Put Up Your Dukes' blog and followed her easy instructions. This is what I made. Not nearly as cute. And I guess I should say the scarf above was her inspiration as well. That scarf sells for $46 on etsy! So for free....not too bad! {Looks like a lot of other cute ideas on that etsy site!}

If/when I do another I will definitely use either a bigger T-Shirt or just some fabric from my stash. It didn't end up big enough to wrap around a couple of times like I wanted so it's more like a necklace.

But hey, week 1 accomplished! :)

 photo 40709aa8-f075-4f31-acc6-c4f292a09588_zps3bff4250.jpg

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I think yours looks fabulous!!!!!