Another Pinterest recipe

The other night we had what I am calling Veggie Casserole based on this pin. I didn't have specific directions as to oven temp and time so I looked around Google and found what I needed to know. I cooked it at 350 F for about 30-40 mins, or until my potatoes were done. I had 2 dishes of it and one was done before the other. The kids weren't to excited about it, but the Hubby and I liked it. It will be even better this summer with fresh vegetables.

Tonight we are having fajitas. They are going in the oven now and smell very good.

The last new recipe for the week will be tomorrow's Vegetable Soup. I'm nervous about that one, it has 2 cups of cabbage in it. I'm not a big fan of cabbage, but I'll let you know how it turns out.

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A Pinterest Recipe

In an effort to be healthier in the new year I have been scoping out Pinterest for some new recipes. For my challenge this week I have 4 recipes from Pinterest on the menu. All have more veggies in them than normal for us.

Tonight I made Creamy Greek Yogurt Mac & Cheese. It was delicious! I forgot to add in the garlic and onion powders (it would have helped) but even without was good.

The boys had the following to say:

"It doesn't taste like nothing." -Simon
"This is really good....(while making scarfing noises)..." -Alex {He did go back for seconds}

This was all we had tonight and I surprisingly feel full. Probably will be our go to Mac & Cheese.

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Somewhat Complete....Pinterest Week 2

You would think with all the snow we received here this week, (at one time we measured 17" in our front yard) and the 3 extra days off from school/work I would have been able to complete my project this week. And I would have if it wasn't for 1 minor detail.

My braids were too fat to fit onto my sewing machine!

So I am left hand stitching! Which is fine. Something to do in the evening while we are watching T.V.  I love to see a project coming together so it should be a breeze. 

Chinese Checkers anyone?! I snagged this complete set (not sure if it is with original marbles) at our local antique mall for New Year's Eve. We have played one game. And I got beat. But it looks cute laying around.

The snow that we got at the beginning of the week will quickly be melting as it in now raining and 39℉.  After some house work I'll be back at the rug, and on to bigger and better Pinterest ideas. 

✣ Click here to see my inspiration for this project 
I found this very helpful as well

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Snow Day


Since we have a snow day today, and possibly tomorrow I figure what better to do than work on my Pinterest Challenge. A Braided Rug! Enjoy your day.

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Pinterest Challenge Week 1

Braided Scarf
This was the picture that I came across on Pinterest that first caught my eye. Very cute!

So I followed the links to Put Up Your Dukes' blog and followed her easy instructions. This is what I made. Not nearly as cute. And I guess I should say the scarf above was her inspiration as well. That scarf sells for $46 on etsy! So for free....not too bad! {Looks like a lot of other cute ideas on that etsy site!}

If/when I do another I will definitely use either a bigger T-Shirt or just some fabric from my stash. It didn't end up big enough to wrap around a couple of times like I wanted so it's more like a necklace.

But hey, week 1 accomplished! :)

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