Good Morning

It's kind of a joke with Taylor, Mariah and I (Good Morning that is) because when ever we go to the chiropractor even if it's 5 in the afternoon, he always says, "Good Morning". Since this post is mainily about our morning I just felt it appropriate. And after just getting up from a 3+ hour feels like morning all over again.

Mariah had her friend Mersady spend the night last night. Yes her name is like the car just not with the 's' at the end, so please don't say it that way. I'm a freak when it comes to pronouncing words, especially names correctly. This is just Mersady not Mercedes! Anyway we made 3 tubes of cinnamon rolls and had 3 rolls to spare. I hate not getting any so I made sure we would have plenty for everyone to eat how ever many they wanted, and boy were they yummy! The girls wanted iced Cappuccino so I gave that a try. Not to tricky...just Cappuccino on ice! But it did use up all my mix so now I need to go back to the bulk store in Shipshewanna, IN and get some more. And then I'll have to go to the flea market, which will make me want some more license plate letters, and then I'll have to start making more signs, which will only take away from my time on the maybe I shouldn't go. {Anyone know what book that last comment is based on? I'll give you a cookie if you can tell me!}

I'm getting very excited about going up north on Thursday. I love summer vacations even the mini-vacations. All the kids are going except Taylor (14), she's just too cool to hang out with us much anymore. We are going to be doing a lot of sight seeing around the Mackinac Island area and further north to
Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Can't wait, it's going to be a lot of walking but a lot of fun too.

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just jenn said...

Sounds like a pleasant day! What fun!