Last night of baseball

Tonight was Alex and Joey's last night of baseball. Alex had an awesome hit and made it around to home plate twice. We're not sure if we won or lost though because the mom who keeps the book for Joey's team left before anyone could find out the score. Over all it was a great game and pretty good season. We will be scrimmaging the other team from Litchfield on Saturday for fun. Both teams only had 9 games this summer....which I guess in Little League isn't enough....but when you have to chase a rambunctious 2 year old around it's about 8 too many.

I had fun this afternoon taking some shots of Hummy the Hummingbird. I'm guessing this is a female because the colors aren't that bright. I think I've seen one around that's more vibrant. He never stays around too long.

Well, that shall be it for today. Until tomorrow my friends!


Anonymous said...

Alex sure is growing up!! I'm glad they're having fun together (joey and Alex.) Love that hummingbird photo. my neighbor mary gets 6 every day and they fight over the feeder!!

PetiteCheri said...

I cannot believe you got a shot of a hummingbird at rest!!!!! Great shot.

Cassie said...

You rock!
Thanks for leaving me some lub on my little blog!
Big thanks for adding me to your blog roll!!