A Butterfly Award and Blizzard Watch

My wonderful, favorite sister-in-law gave me the awesome award for having the coolest blog she ever knew. Who would have thought?!!? And who doesn't love a cute butterfly.

This is a 'meme' award, so it gets passed on. I have many favorite bloggers, but some of them have well over 100 followers. How in God's green earth do you get over 100 followers? I have 2. Well technically 3 if you count my bus driver blog, but come on 100+. So I am going to pass this on to a few of the less popular blogs that I love to read daily.

The rules for passing it on are:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded the blog to you.

3. Award up to ten other blogs.
4. Add links to the blogs you award onto your blog.

5. Leave a message for your awardees on their blogs.

I would like to pass this on to the following cool blogge

Cassie of The world the way I see it. We are new blog buddies, but she said it best...something about being destined to meet. I said bring it on, you live in the Sunshine state can I come live with you? She's crafty and fun.

Amanda of Crazy Mom Quilts. With a name like crazy it has to be good. She has a ton of helpful links on her blog that have helped me get back in the groove with quilting. Plus she has made some really cute quilts.

Latree of Dandelion. She is from Indonesia and I love having someone halfway around the world to connect with. Plus she has NEVER touched snow. Wouldn't that be a great feeling? She is a wonderful, sweet person, plus she has a cool blog.

I have lots of other fun blogs that I love to read and look at. Go visit these ladies and see why I like them so much.

On another note, we are under a blizzard watch. For some reason I have always thought that blizzards were something that only happened like...way back when. "Oh, do you remember the Blizzard of 1978", "No I thought it was 1983." Stuff like that. Well we have got more snowing and blowing coming our way. So, probably no school tomorrow. Which is a 'Yeah' and a 'Boo' for me. No work, but the kids will all be home all day. All 5 of 'em. 'Yeah' said in my most sarcastic tone. Hopefully the big yellow bus makes it back home in one piece with me intact tonight.


latree said...

I love butterfly!!! I even have been thinking to change my blog name into 'butterfly', but Dan said it wasn't necessary...

thank you heather....

Staci said...

Your new school bus rocks!!! I want one!

I truly love your blog. Plus I think you should blog more!! and don't forget to NOT let that interfere with that quilt you're making me! :)

amandajean said...

thanks for the award, heather! you are so sweet. i hope you enjoyed your blizzard. and good luck with your free motion quilting!!!

Carrie said...

Thanks Heather!
So glad I found this blog