My new favorite room

I finally finished our bathroom last week. It is so nice to finall live in a house that feels like "mine". A couple of quick before shots in the process of getting everything out shows blah, boring white walls. The wall to the left here used to have nasty 90-ish wall paper on it. Yuck.

Having 3 girls you tend to have lots of places for girl type stuff. The hook with the thousand of necklaces is gone. I want this to feel more grown up for us all. More like a bathroom rather than a storage room for stuff.

So here's what we have now! Painted the walls first with a leftover gallon of white paint with a good primer in it. Then once that was dried, painted green on top and used a whisk broom to create a wallpaper/fabric look.

Here is a closer pic to help get the idea.

I love having a room that can have pretty things on the wall. Make it feel pretty, instead of a place to do bathroom type things.

My favorite addition to the bathroom is this shutter. While on our recent vacation we had stopped at an antique shop and I came across 2 black shutters for $5. After painting them with a light coat of white paint they have that beachy, worn look I loved for the bathroom. We attached a bracket so that this shutter can be up or can close (come down) to help block some of the afternoon soon. I love it. And love even more that the husband was ok with drilling into the window frame!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Looks AWESOME!! LOVING the shutters!! Hoping you had a good birthday! :):):):):):):):)):):)

Vicki said...

Very cool! Good job. Now would you like to do my's beyond hope. :( I love your blog page.

Staci said...

I love it and the house says YOU all over it!!

Latree said...

I love the shutter too.. and every thing!