Somewhat Complete....Pinterest Week 2

You would think with all the snow we received here this week, (at one time we measured 17" in our front yard) and the 3 extra days off from school/work I would have been able to complete my project this week. And I would have if it wasn't for 1 minor detail.

My braids were too fat to fit onto my sewing machine!

So I am left hand stitching! Which is fine. Something to do in the evening while we are watching T.V.  I love to see a project coming together so it should be a breeze. 

Chinese Checkers anyone?! I snagged this complete set (not sure if it is with original marbles) at our local antique mall for New Year's Eve. We have played one game. And I got beat. But it looks cute laying around.

The snow that we got at the beginning of the week will quickly be melting as it in now raining and 39℉.  After some house work I'll be back at the rug, and on to bigger and better Pinterest ideas. 

✣ Click here to see my inspiration for this project 
I found this very helpful as well

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

looks awesome!!!! can't wait to see it done!!!!!